Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Winter at Chateau Oiseau!

While the 2010 cuvées are doing their thing in the cellar, winter has firmly descended upon Chateau Oiseau! We are experiencing one of the most snow-intensive winters in many years. We have had nearly 8 feet of snowfall so far (and it's only Feb 2). Right now we have 3-4 feet on the ground in our yard. Check out this shot of the vines of Cotes du Oiseau next to the driveway! Buried nearly to the top wire! Spring might come late with all the melting that needs to happen, but at least water won't be in short supply! Right now I'm counting the days until spring.



  1. At least the vines should be nicely insulated! Great blog, Jacques! We'll have to get together sometime and swap wines.