Friday, August 2, 2013

The netting goes up!

Well, with veraison here and the birds getting excited about a new grape crop to devoir, it was time to test out my new T-shaped trellis wires and put up the bird/bug netting.  A big thanks goes out to my friends Dave and Robyn for lending a big hand rolling out the netting and getting it adjusted just right.  The next day, my kids and a friend of theirs helped me clip 350 (!) clothes pins on the nets to seal up the netting on all sides.  With any luck this will deter both the birds and the yellow jackets.

Now the fruit is ripening within their cocoon of safety.

The T trellis and wires to hold the netting up are working even better than I could have hoped.  The netting is well away from the fruit and the birds have been absolutely baffled by this.  My fingers are crossed....oh please Lord can I get some fruit for winemaking this year PLEASE????

I have noticed that the younger vines on the Cotes d'Oiseau block are lagging at least a week behind the other blocks of vines in veraison.  Hmmm....should be interesting with harvest.  I may have to actually ferment two blocks separately as there is no way I will be able to harvest the entire vineyard at the same time.

Keep your fingers crossed and wish me luck!!!!


A few pictures: